Lazio vs Roma Preview (2 March 2019)

The Roma derby used to be a match which drew remarkable amounts of attention with all-time legends facing each other on opposite sides. While the derby doesn’t feature as good as players... Read more »

Juventus vs Sampdoria (2-1): Review and Highlights

An affair that promised to be low scoring turned out to be the opposite. We saw four goals, but the match statistics acknowledged only three. The last one scored was a true... Read more »

Inter Milan vs Napoli (1-0): A derby with everything

We saw it all As the title may suggest we saw it all: racist slurs, red cards, goals, controversial comments after the game. Arguably this is a match to be easily forgotten... Read more »

Atalanta vs Juventus (2-2): Ronaldo saves the day

After Max Allegri announced earlier in the week that he would be resting key players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Miralem Pjanić many wondered if Atalanta could end the Bianconeri winning run. Certainly,... Read more »

Lazio v AC Milan – preview, prediction and lineups

Milan and Lazio: Two teams have have disappointed their supporters in this Serie A start. Traditional title contenders (especially AC Milan), both teams are now fighting for the top four. More recently,... Read more »

Napoli v AC Milan Preview (2018)

After a very good game against Lazio, Napoli will play against AC Milan, a clear pretender for the title. With a star coach, Carlo Ancelotti, who came to replace Maurizio Sarri (departed... Read more »

Juventus v Lazio Preview (2018)

Even if it is not technically a derby, Juventus’s match against Lazio, combined with the other stage match (Napoli v AC Milan), is of special importance. First, Cristiano Ronaldo will make the... Read more »

Serie A (season 2018-19)

On August 19, 2018 begins the 117th season of Serie A, a season that looks very interesting. It is the first championship since 1998 when the league is no longer sponsored by... Read more »