Serie A (season 2018-19)

On August 19, 2018 begins the 117th season of Serie A, a season that looks very interesting. It is the first championship since 1998 when the league is no longer sponsored by TIM, but the name of the future sponsor is still unknown.
More importantly, it is for the first time after a long while (in Italy) that one of the world’s top players will emerge. It’s Real Madrid’s superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has transferred to Juventus for £105 million, a record for an Italian club. Juventus’s Ronaldo’s investment is a risky bet, even though Ronaldo has always proved to be a player who has impressed with work and seriousness, not to mention value and talent.
Will Juventus succeed at least to break even with Ronaldo? We do not know yet. But not trying it worse than doing nothing. Certainly, Serie A will win more viewers, because Ronaldo’s popularity is and will remain huge all over the world.
Ronaldo has expressed his desire to play up to 40 years, which is a little exaggerated. But, as seen in tennis with Roger Federer, performance can be acheived after 35 years, and football is not an individual sport, which makes things even easier. Many have said that Ronaldo will “disappear” at Juventus, but the Italian team is a much better option than what was ahead of this transfer (French Champions – PSG), where Ronaldo would have had a chance to truly finish his football career and become a “forgotten player” – as Neymar will probably become.
Anyway, Juventus currently has a phenomenal squad to attack not only “lo Scudetto” but also the Champions League. Everything will begin with the match against Chievo in the first round. A new Juventus title would be the 8th in a row, with the Torino team dominating the Italian football in the last 7 years.

Serie A starts with derbies even from the second stage, when spectacular encounters are scheduled: Juventus vs Lazio, Napoli vs AC Milan and Inter Milan vs Torino. Obviously, Juventus has the first chance to win the championship, but Napoli, AC Milan or Inter can always overturn the situation.

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